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justin puckett


13 octubre, 2017

Email: perfecttron9@gmail.com
Mensaje: This is a campaign to bring the truth of meditation to every citizen of earth. It is time to awaken humanity. To give every person on the planet the opportunity to know the truth and reconcile themselves with GOD or pursue freedom for their souls. This action will give the souls of the saved and the damned the consideration they deserve. That they are not forgotten. I am looking for anyone who is willing to help in this effort… especially leaders. I am aware that many servants are actively serving seekers around the world… what I am recommending is a little more aggressive… There are at least three actions we should be taking to reach everyone we can…
The first is concerning Facebook… we need Facebook activists who are willing to canvas social media with the message of meditation. This involves actively seeking friends and posting tracts daily to friends lists. There are supposedly about 1 billion people who are actively using Facebook… I believe it is possible to reach most if not all of them… and this is the goal. This goes beyond just having pages and groups that seekers can go to in search of the truth… this is more proactive instead of reactive… this is activism… this is ministry … to be honest with you this is more like crusading… if that is undesirable to you I would still love to hear what you have to say on the matter…a to your reasons why we should not be pursing this action…
the second and third aspect of this plan are more difficult to implement… but I am putting them out there now so that you can know what my intentions are…
the second plank of this plan is to send meditation tracts to every email address on the planet… that is quite a large number and I am still looking into how I can do this…
the third plank is to send tracts to every physical address on the planet… these two parts of the plan will reach quite a large number of people and will cost ALOT OF MONEY… these two are eventual goals…
I am stating them quickly and simply so I can see if there are any who are interested…
the are other activities we can be involved in eventually like flyers and billboards and knocking on doors… this is only the beginning and I am looking like I said to anyone who would be willing to comment on this.
The most important aspect of this campaign is the creation of tracts that we can deliver to people that are clear and concise as well as persuasive or convincing… I understand the world is divided religiously so I am looking for leaders who can write tracts that are written in the language of each religion so people can investigate in scripture for themselves… I personally with gods help have written a tract that is couched in mainly christian terms as this is more my particular background… but I would really love to see a muslim, hindu, and buddhist tract… and more… as we know that meditation is also beneficial for agnostics and theists… the point is to reach everyone… I would soon like to start a website for this effort but right now I am really looking for meditators I can talk to you that could help me with this operation.
I have been seeking GOD for 9 years and meditating for about 5… I am not claiming to be enlightened or that I have any special knowledge… what I do maintain though is that we as meditators should be pursuing the lost… it is understandable if any of you disagree with that, but this is my position… and I do believe it is a legal one. It also is compassionate.
if this interests you or if you have any questions let me know… I need all the consultation I can get on this…
I have included below my first tract… it is quite long… so if you have any suggestions I would be interested in hearing them…
The panacea…the final solution…
complete and total surrender to God…turning from idols to God…
tRage against the dying of the light!!
The world needs help now!!! Here it is!!!
Meditation is the answer. Meditation is the master key to the storehouse of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding,
mystery and blessings of GOD and the universe… Meditation is the holy grail.
Meditation is the fulfillment of the greatest commandment. It is how to truly worship GOD…
Without this you cannot understand how to love others… and obey the other nine commandments…
meditation is the method for understanding completely the will of GOD.
The mind, will, emotions, psyche, character, personality, spirit and soul can be likened to a
puzzle or enigma. Meditation can show you the missing pieces, solutions, or answers. Meditation is the key to
undersanding the depth breadth, height and all dimensions of GODS love for its creation and all its creatures…
It solves the mystery.When you meditate you call on GOD or the source of the universe to reveal itself to you…
it is not a call to be buddhist or religious but a call to spend time alone with GOD listening to what he
would say to you specifically… to meet your specific needs in life…Meditation is being silent
in the presence of the Lord. It is also called waiting on the LORD…be willing to be receptive…
Be still and know that I am GOD… God is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek him…Through meditation
you can draw near to GOD… draw near to GOD and he will draw near to you. The challenge is this is a
lifelong journey…it is not a quick fix…it is a spiritual discipline. I have been practicing meditation for 5 years now
and it has completely changed my entire view of life and through my dedication GOD has blessed all those that I care about
You can practice it 5-30 minutes a day. Meditation is a legitimate discipline for seeking GOD. Christian monks,
Muslim mystics, Hindus, Taoists, Jainists and Buddhists all practice meditation… Meditation is universal…
and key to understand Gods universal love for all of humanity and its cultures and religions. If you are sincerely
interested in strengthening your connection to GOD… you can practice meditation in any number of positions…
the lotus position of the buddhists, the kneeling position of the christians, or the bowing positions of the muslims…
but you must be silent…you must get YOU out of the way..
Meditation is the means by which you can submit completely
to the will of GOD. You can also do it laying down or sitting in a chair
if these three positions are too difficult or you have bodily injuries… the main point is that you find a position
that is comfortable for you. Just listen… meditation is observing…
observe your own mind and inspiration from GOD. Let it flow and let it go…
IT must be described that meditation does not preclude the reading and study of scripture. But meditation goes
further and deeper than scripture. Scripture is about the mind and it open to many vrious interpretations
all the denominations of christianity and the different sects of islam and the different branches of buddhism and all
schools of thought are evidence of the many different world views that exist because of the varying interpretations of scripture
… meditation goes beyond scripture and can help one to better understand the purpose of scripture… scriptire helps develop and
align and train the mind but meditation goes beyond the mind and can give one the experience of what lies beyond the
limitations of the mind into the territory of the source of GOD and the soul… it is indeed mysterious and mystical. I
would recommend as a seeker of GOD and truth that you practice both studying scripture and meditation because they are
both highly beneficial.
There are some misconceptions of meditation. Many believe that meditation is about silencing the mind… but in truth
meditation is about worship and observation… it is about SEEING… when you meditate you simply allow what is to be…
you learn the life and the mind and heart and spirit and soul are part of a greater process…
sometimes you mind is silent and other times it is active… meditation will expand your understanding of not only yourself
but of the world… it can be likened to putting together a jig saw puzzle or unravelling a knot… if you just sit and
allow over time the pieces to the puzzle will fall into place on their own and the knot will magically unravel by itself…
through meditation you will grow in your understanding of psychology and spirituality…and understand the connections between science and all arenas of human activity and inquiry… Through meditation you can transcend
all limitations… and encounter the realm of infinite possibility and potential…Meditation has the potential to alter the
destiny of the human race and transform the global consciousness uniting humanity!!!
Going down this path
the forces of evil and the devil will test and try you as much as GOD allows. But if you are
willing to stand you will be victorious… God can and will heal your body, mind, heart, and
soul… but you must seek him. God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.
IF you are interested of have any questions or would like encouragement or would like to further your understanding
of meditation and spirituality… you can reach me at:
1. my personal email address: Perfecttron9@gmail.com
2. my facebook name page: Justin Puckett
3. my movement facebook page: Perfecttron9
4. my movement facebook group: (complete phrase) Enlightenment Meditation Scripture Meaning of Life Movement QualityofLife
5. my phone number: (I will try to answer but I also have voicemail) 1 (832) 315- 9413
I am trying to start a grassroots movement and this is the beginning of a world wide ministry god willing!!! IF you wish
to be a part of it get in contact with me. I am also accepting donations but this is not really focused on garnering funds
just yet… God rewards those who seek him and further the kingdom of GOD so God will bring in the funds when it is time…
But I want this movement to be as democratic as possible and I seek to bless as many people as possible… I wish to get as much feedback and constructive criticism as possible…God blesses those
who bless others..jp