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Nahual techniques for the spiritual awakening

Meditation, recapitulation, lucid dreaming and stalking.

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Learn about the cosmogony and spiritual conception of the Toltecs. Find physical and mental balance through prehispanic nahual practices such as meditation, recapitulation, lucid dreaming and stalking.

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  • Module 1: The Nahual

    1. The origin concept of "nahual", Nahuatl vocabulary

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    2. Shamanism in the world

    3. Origin of shamanism, the concept of shaman

    4. Toltequity, an initiatory culture

    5. Nahualism Practices and Nahual Definitions

    6. Constitution of being

  • Module 2: The art of silence

    1. Senteotl, the totality of energy

    2. Tonal and nahual, the creative polarity

    3. Theory of perception

    4. States and degrees of consciousness

    5. The threshold of silence and the See

    6. Basic meditation

  • Module 3: The triple constitution of our being

    1. The nature of the human being

    2. Transcending the human form

    3. Exercises to transcend the human form

  • Module 4: The Seven Principles of Tolerance and the Art of Stalking

    1. The way of the warrior

    2. Integrity within the principle of impeccability

    3. The here and the now

    4. The transformation capacity

    5. The balance

    6. Own experience

    7. Detachment

    8. Mental hygiene

    9. Self-sacrifice

    10. The merit

    11. The art of stalking

    12. The art of not doing

  • Module 5: Our five "Suns"

    1. Basic cosmogonic diagram

    2. The four vehicles of expression

    3. Energetic composition of the human being

    4. Mesoamerican alchemical symbolism

    5. Food and hygiene of vehicles

    6. The emotional vehicle

    7. The mental vehicle

    8. The harmonization of the four vehicles

  • Module 6: The art of recapitulation

    1. Linear and radial memory

    2. Identity: an alignment of memories

    3. The programmed forgetfulness

    4. The cultivation of dreams

    5. Objectives of the recapitulation

    6. Basic recapitulation exercises

    7. Harmonized breathing

    8. Advanced recapitulation exercises

    9. Recapitulation of the tonal of the times and the social commitment

  • Module 7: The Seven Centers of Evolution of Consciousness

    1. The evolutionary plan of consciousness

    2. Consciousness as a unit

    3. Self-consciousness: Psychosocial evolution

    4. Activation of evolutionary centers - Part 1

    5. Activation of evolutionary centers - Part 2

    6. Use of evolutionary centers: The liberation of perception

  • Module 8: The art of lucid dreaming

    1. Dream and dream

    2. The object of reverie

    3. Characteristics of the dream

    4. The 7 floodgates of dreaming - Part 1

    5. The 7 floodgates of the dream - Part 2

  • Module 9: Nahual principles

    1. The inner silence

    2. Clear your personal history

  • Module 10: The personal importance

    1. Personal importance

    2. Tools to free yourself from personal importance

  • Module 11: Recapitulation

    1. Recapitulation

    2. Testimonials and recommendations on recapitulation

    3. Conclusions on recapitulation

  • Module 12: Conclusions on the way of the warrior

    1. Conclusions on the way of the warrior