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Lottie Hussey


26 octubre, 2020

Email: youryogi@lotuskitty.com
Mensaje: Hi There,

I’m reaching out to you from LotusKitty.com. Our team operates an extremely popular yoga and fitness lifestyle blog. We’ve had a few of our visitors mention your site recently, so I took a look and I’m happy to say that I was really impressed!
I’m interested in a possible article exchange between both of our sites as I am sure it will strongly benefit our sites in terms traffic.

Here is an example of the kind of search optimized articles that we write for our partners:

How To Do A Handstand In Yoga: Sure-Fire Techniques

Just so we’re clear, we do this for free, in order to build relationships and to help our friends in the online yoga, fitness and health communities!
If you don’t want to write an article featuring your site on our blog, that’s no problem…we can offer you a link to your site on one of our current articles….and we will still be happy to write an excellent article for your site!
Please let me know your thoughts,

Thanks so much!