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Introducing Yogic Numerology

Yogic numerology is an integral part of the yogic system of healing and yogic humanology , that is, the psychology of the human being in all of its facets, seen from the integral perspective of yoga. Yogic numerology can help you get to know yourself at a very deep level. It is an entrance to the yogic healing system called Das Prakash, or 10 radiances. First of all, numerology helps us to see who the person is and where he is in the path of his life. In a second stage, the handling of the 10 radiances is used to balance and heal that person, and sometimes yogic techniques such as breathing, meditation or asana sequences are also recommended to support the process of healing. Take this FREE workshop, visit this link bit.ly/NumerologiaYogiAkal

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  • Module 1: The language of numbers

    1. The Language of Numbers

  • Module 2: Significant numbers

    1. Significant numbers

  • Module 3: Watches and calendars

    1. Watches and calendars